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Helmet update: 2020 and future:

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  • Helmet update: 2020 and future:

    Jay Braxton is a factory rep and authority for Simpson Safety Products. He offers this great guidance on 2020 helmet standards:

    "There are completely different test and standards for motorcycle and auto helmets. There are also different certification bodies. Snell and FIA for auto, Snell, ECE and DOT for motorcycle. Don't use a motorcycle rated helmet for auto application. The newest Snell spec is SA2020 and will be available for sale October 1. SA2015, SA2020, FIA 8859 and FIA 8860 are all very good for auto (DE or Race). Most important is the fit as an improperly fitted helmet will not perform on your head he way it performed in testing. Next remember any standard is a "minimum requirement" the product met to receive the certification. Some may perform far above the standard, some may just barely meet it. Do your homework people. It's your brain and brains don't heal like arms and legs. Here is a guide to new Snell standard and I will gladly answer any personal questions through messenger. "
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