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Endurance Racing with World Racing League- Introduction

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  • Endurance Racing with World Racing League- Introduction

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself and WRL for those who aren't familiar with the series. I have helped out with several Chin events at Texas World Speedway over the last few years, both as a corner worker and corner control as well as helping spread the word for events and wrangling instructors when they were first starting in the Texas region. I love working with them.
    I am a national staff member of World Racing League. WRL is an amateur endurance racing series. We have 5 classes of cars based on power-to-weight, everything from Spec Miatas to Spec Boxsters to BMWs and Corvettes.

    If you have 8 hours or more of wheel to wheel experience or advanced DE experience, you qualify. For Chin members, that would be anyone in the Blue, Red, or White groups.

    We will be running the full course at VIR at the end of the year, as well as several track between now and then, Mid-Ohio, Brainerd, Hallett, and COTA.

    Rule book is short and easy to read:

    "WRL is for ANYONE who wants to be competitive in endurance racing. The rules and classing system were developed by a group of racers, average working class guys, all with various backgrounds - club racing, karting, crapcan, instructors, fabricators, etc. All with a love for racing. One thing everyone agreed on from the start - we wanted a series that represented all of us, how we saw ourselves as racers and how we felt about road racing. A place to have fun and race anything we wanted, vintage to current year model, within a system that ensured that cars fell into a class where they could be competitive. Out of that came our classing system that allows you to built a safe, durable endurance racer that is cost-effective to campaign, and where money isn't an issue. Build a basic race car and go, or spend money on go-fast parts and move into faster classes."

    Any questions, feel free to reply here, message me, or email: [email protected]


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