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Frisby Performance Tire onboard with Chin!

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  • Frisby Performance Tire onboard with Chin!

    Hello All,

    As some may have notice on the last email from Mark, Frisby Performance Tire is now a supporter of Chin Motorsports and it's members. We are one of the premier race tire dealers/distributors in the U.S. We are located in Chicago and Las Vegas. But... we do mail order tires all over the country and world for that matter.

    For thoe who need Toyo, Hankook, Hoosier,or Avon race tires, those are the brands we sell. We have over 25 years of race experience. We have done many pro series and grass roots level events. If you have questions or need tire advice we are here for you guys and gals.

    What we offer the membership is a $20 Rebate on the second set of tires purchased from Frisby Performance tire.

    In addition, we'd like to offer a 3 day 2 Night vaction package to the first 5 Chin motorsports members who order tires from us. The resorts in the package are from Florida to California and may place in between. Just our way of saying thanks.

    In addition to the rebate, we will be offering some goodies throughout the year. Some from Frisby and some from the Tire Manufactures we represent. All in all we want to help make your track time experience as much fun as possible.

    We can be reached at 1.800.798.7201 or 847.244.7050 M-F 9-5pm CST.

    email me at [email protected] is our site.