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  • DBW Throttle Blip Module

    If you have issues or trouble performing consistent heel to toe downshifts and rev matching then you need to take a look at the X-ineering DBW Throttle Blip Module. Modules available for BMW, GM. Ford, Dodge, and VW. Unlike other units on the market there is no need to splice or cut into the factory harness which may cause voltage spikes and send your car into ?limp mode?. The unit plugs into the factory harnesses using factory style connectors. Connect this module inline with OEM throttle pedal and Brake/Clutch Switch circuits OR a Load Cell Shift knob/linkage.
    Upon detection of a downshift event (Brake and Clutch pressed OR Load Cell Shifter Push) the throttle is commanded to a target % to rev match the lower gear. Programmable Parameters Target Throttle Blip %, Delay after trigger for blip (ms), Duration of blip (ms), Min. time between blips (ms). Start getting consistent Blips on Downshift No more heel to toe Consistent downshifts rev match Programmable throttle % target via USB (PC or APP) or On-board switches Interface with Brake and Clutch switch circuits OR Load Cell Shift knob.
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