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Technology Tools For Self-Coaching and Objective Driver Performance Improvement!

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  • Technology Tools For Self-Coaching and Objective Driver Performance Improvement!

    Ten years ago, small portable GPS based data loggers like Traqmate, Race Technology and others occupied a small footprint in the track day/DE world. A lot of drivers felt as though the complexity and added workload weren't worth the benefit. Others had justifiable trepidation about learning a new discipline and all the minutiae that came with it. Finally, some wanted to shut off their computers at the end of a busy workday, go to the track and unwind without them needing to use computers to "have fun." My, how times have changed!

    Now, the packaging and ease of use for many data logging systems, and even more, the integration of video with data making it easier to assimilate information and assess improvement (or not), have made these devices MUCH more popular as of late. People can now reasonably expect to use this equipment to coach themselves...

    The additional capability of modern cars, now equipped with their own internal networks, offered the ability to connect with just two wires and get a TREMENDOUS amount of information that would directly assist in driver improvement and self-coaching at DE's and track days.

    In this regularly updated topic, I will do my best to provide tips and tricks on the hardware, software and use of a wide variety of serious recording tools for Chin Track Day members.

    Who am I? My name is Peter Krause, and I have worked one-on-one with drivers, and in small groups along with classroom instruction, for DE's, track days, club racing and entry level pro racing for over thirty years. In the last ten years, I have sold well over $2 million dollars of AiM, MoTeC, VBOX and Race-Keeper video and data loggers to drivers throughout North America, expressly for the purpose of allowing them to coach themselves, objectively, safely and with accurate information. I have a 1200 square foot Driver Development Center that I own at VIR, but I am on the road at tracks throughout North America over two hundred days a year, with only about twenty per cent of my time spent at VIR.

    The first time I will be at a Chin Track Day event this year (2017) will be April 24th at VIR, with more dates later in the year at VIR and at other Chin tracks. I'll outline more of how I will be enhancing the depth and breadth of Chin's e
    \"The driver is the single greatest performance variable in the high-performance driving equation\"[br]