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Pre-event Novice/Instructor Intro Emails.

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  • Pre-event Novice/Instructor Intro Emails.

    Chin Track Days follows a practice to introduce Instructors and Novices via email pre-event. Our expectation is that Instructors take advantage of this opportunity to connect with their assigned Novices. Below are some ideas Instructors can use to gather relevant information. Please feel free to copy, paste and edit to suit your needs.
    • What car will you be bringing to this event?
    • Is this your car?
    • Will you be getting HPDE Track Insurance?
    • Have you made any modifications to the car?
    • Do you know the last time the brake fluid was changed? Do you know what kind of fluid was used?
    • What brand of tires are on the car?
    • Do you know how to read date codes on your tires? If so, what year were they manufactured?
    • Have you attended an HPDE style track event before? If so, what tracks did you attend?
    • Do you have any other relevant experience (autocross, drifting, motorcycles)?
    • Do you have any special circumstances that you think I should be made aware of?
    • What are your top 3 goals for this weekend?
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