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    Level 2 Instructor certification is for a period of 3 years. At that point it will be necessary for instructors to get "recertified". The primary reason for this as they want to see instructors are still actively instructing. The Motorsports Safety Foundation has released it's guidelines for recertification. You can read the guidelines on the MSF website by clicking here. There have been a few adjustments to the guidelines due to COVID. Those are highlighted in red. The first drivers to originally get Level 2 certified showed up in March of 2018. The 2 year term for those instructors is now upon us.

    Chin Track Days will be active in recertifying Level 2 instructors at most event on the calendar. The process will involve researching the instructors history to verify the have met the minimum number of days instructing as well as an on track checkout session. The checkout session will be similar to a role playing session that instructors participate in during the Level 2 training. One of our senior instructors will drive your car (or their own car if they prefer) role playing as a novice driver and you as their coach. This should only take 1 20-30 minute session.

    What will this cost? If you are an active Chin Track Days instructor, there will be no cost to complete the recertification process at any event that you are instructing at. Once Chin submits your recertification to the MSF, there will be a $25 fee from the MSF to cover the administration of the program. If you are not an active Chin Track Days instructor and not instructing at the event you want to get recertified at, there will be a $35 fee from Chin in addition to the $25 MSF admin fee.

    How do I know when my certification expires? Log in to your MotorsportsReg account. Click name and scroll down to registration history and find the date of the MSF registration for Level 2. 3 years from that date will be approximately your expiration date. MSF and MSR are working to get the dates posted the online registry for all to see. I'll update this post when that happens. If you were certified by Chin Track Days, you can email me for your certification date.

    How do I do it? If you are interested in getting recertified at an upcoming event, email the event manager. You will find their email address on the event details page. They will get you on the schedule for your on track checkout ride.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]
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