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Level II Instructor Training at Various Events on the Chin Calendar

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  • Level II Instructor Training at Various Events on the Chin Calendar

    As Chin continues to grow the Level II Instructor Training program, we will begin to add training to several events on the current calendar. No, we don't know all of the upcoming events that will have training yet. Here are some important FAQ's for those interested in the training.
    1. Instructor candidates must be pre-approved prior to registering. Due to the prerequisites of the Level II training, we must verify all candidates beforehand. Please email myself ([email protected]) or the event manager leading the event.
    2. The training will consist of 2 classroom sessions and 6 role play sessions of at least 20 minutes each.
    3. Candidates are expected to bring an appropriate car that the mentors can drive during the role playing sessions. Street cars are preferred. You may even consider a rental car.
    4. Candidates will need to have completed and passed the MSF Level 1 online course. Click here for more info. (Please we aware that it may be several days from the time you register for the Level 1 course until you receive the link to take the course. Sign up now.)
    5. Cost; The cost for the training will be the same as a Novice entry for the particular event you are attending the training. Registration fee + the Novice fee=your cost. For dedicated MSF Level 2 events (January in Sebring) the cost will be the one day registration fees plus $30.
    6. Candidates will need to sign up for both days unless you are attending a dedicated 1 day MSF Level 2 training event (January at Sebring).
    7. Attending the course is not a guarantee that you will be Level II certified. The training is intense and not everyone will pass.
    8. There will be plenty of time during the weekend for you to drive your car as well.
    9. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
    Details on prerequisites for becoming a Chin instructor can be found here.
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    Jim Pomroy
    Event Manager
    Chief Instructor

    Chin Track Days
    [email protected]