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  • Instructor qualifications

    Chin Track Days always welcomes well-qualified drivers to join our instructor staff. The minimum standard is for a driver to have experience of at least 50 track days, at a minimum of 3 different tracks, combined with completion of a recognized instructor training program. Chin Track Days endorses MSF guidelines. Being a very experienced driver is only part of the criteria. We put equal emphasis on an instructor's ability to coach, communicate, motivate and inspire. Having a competition license is not required, nor does it qualify a driver to be an instructor. We've seen many successful instructors that don't race, and we've seen some great racers that were not successful instructors. Many successful instructors have some kind of role as a trainer/educator/leader in their professional lives. And, they have a passion for the hobby. An instructor that wants to 'give back' to the sport is always more successful than one just seeking comp track time.

    To be considered, a driver should email a summary of track history to [email protected] : tracks driven, # of days at each track, total days on track. Include details on any other instructor qualifications and clinics attended. Also, several references from well known DE programs and other senior instructors. Include a short narrative on other relevant special skills that a driver may have.

    In general, Chin Track Days also recognizes other instructor qualifications from well-known programs that have formal instructor training protocols. A driver that has already received valid instructor qualifications should provide details to establish instructor eligibility with Chin. However, a driver that has been designated as an instructor simply by virtue of having attended numerous events, without receiving instructor-specific training, DOES NOT MEET the criteria for Chin Track Days instructor eligibility.

    We also adhere to a strict standard that an instructor must have prior experience at a specific track to be eligible to instruct there. A driver that has been instructor qualified at Sebring, for example, but has never driven at Watkins Glen, is not eligible to instruct at The Glen on the first visit to that track. For the first visit to an unfamiliar track, we recommend participating as a registered solo driver to get well-acquainted and comfortable with the lap. Then, a qualified instructor is eligible to instruct at that track on future visits.

    An instructor with Chin Track Days will typically have only one student assigned during the track day. Our schedule usually provides a minimum of 3 hours comp solo track time daily. We provide refreshments for instructors at every event. Track fees are always waived for instructors. Annual membership fees are also complimentary to instructors for Chin Track Days.

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    Mark, where can I find the status of instructor openings for coming events? I'm a PCA National Instructor and instruct with a few other clubs as well...

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      On our website, the event details page for currently posted events always shows instructor registration status... From our homepage, click on "details>>details and registration", and see the heading: "Guidance for Instructors" in the center of the page...

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