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  • Instructor eligibility:

    • So, the first thing to note is that COTA's special conditions create the necessity to charge a track fee to instructors. Unfortunately, the tradition of giving a comp entry to instructors is not possible for this specific event. Qualified instructors will receive an $800 discount off of the posted track fees of $999 : $199 is the 2-day instructor registration fee.
    • SELECTION: Obviously, only a limited number of instructors will be accepted. That quota is 25 instructors. We've already received numerous inquiries; it's certain that the interest will exceed the availability. So, Instructor registration WILL NOT BE first come/first served. Instead, we ask all interested instructors to SEND AN EMAIL to apply for instructor status.

      >> If you are a new applicant, IT IS MANDATORY to provide a detailed summary of your track experience and instructor history. Send to [email protected].

      >>If you are a currently qualified instructor with Chin Motorsports, we already have your history of track days and instructor experience.

      Once we have a large enough pool of instructor applicants, we will select the top 25 instructors, and those instructors will be invited to register for the heavily discounted track fee of $399.
    • CRITERIA: This pool of applicants will no doubt have a very high median level of experience. So, if you have fewer than 60 days overall on track, and less than 20 days instructor experience, do not waste your time to apply. Only instructors whose experience exceeds those minimum thresholds will be considered. Having prior on-track experience at COTA is helpful, but not mandatory. We know that there is not that many instructors who have already driven there. And, we know that many lifetime veteran instructors have the capacity to adapt rapidly to the lap on their first visit and be effective instructors. So, there will be some exceptions to the Chin standard practice that prior experience is required on a particular lap to be eligible to instruct.
    Drive Well, The management
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    Drive Well, The management