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The plight of Texas World Speedway

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  • The plight of Texas World Speedway

    Many drivers have heard year after year that TWS is closing down, and yet the gates never seem to close. This time, it's a sure thing. ​In recent months TWS has removed the trailer used for offices, ​disabled the sewer system, and discontinued fuel sales.

    Recently, TWS management alerted Chin that demolition of ​the part of the track that is outside of the "oval"​ is schedule​d​ to begin August 21st. That is the section of the full course from T4 to T9, also known as "Snoopy's head". All track rentals after August 21st will be limited to the 1.8 mile ​infield ​short course. Chin immediately sent requests to TWS management to secure a date using the Full course, and successfully negotiated a date on the full course for Saturday August 19th. Registration for that event is open and available here. This will be the final Chin Track Days event at TWS, please come out and enjoy this fantastic lap one last time with us.
    The 15 turn lap is 2.9 miles long, and is FAST! Very few slow corners. The track has lots of character and shows age, but, it remains fast and fun!
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