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In-car instructing in the age of COVID:

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  • In-car instructing in the age of COVID:

    Doesn't matter if you're an experienced veteran instructor, or an entry-level novice driver: you might be asking: is it OK for two people to occupy the car? Well, Chin Track Days is going to ask you: do YOU think it's OK? One of the principles of the Chin Track Days model is that we give adults the freedom and responsibility to make your own well-informed choices. For 20 plus years, we've been asking drivers if they voluntarily accept the risk associated with making laps at a race track. Obviously, the answer has been "YES"! Today, the driver or instructor is no longer preoccupied with "is it too risky to make laps?" Now, the dominant risk assessment is: "am I going to be exposed to COVID?" Chin Track Days restates this fundamental principle of participating in a track event: we cannot guarantee your health and safety. It is an incumbent responsibility for every participant to do their own due diligence, and acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with this activity. Many instructors have already voiced their support and intention to continue to instruct in-car, using appropriate PPE, and knowing that being in a high-volume airflow environment reduces risk of transmission (medical data, not anecdotal). Some instructors may simply opt-out and participate as a solo driver on their own. Chin Track Days will continue to provide the freedom for instructors to make those choices. And, we may further reduce the level of novice driver enrollment to stay in balance. Irrespective of COVID concerns, Chin Track Days remains a proponent of in-car coaching for entry-level novice drivers. If an instructor chooses to ride in-car, here are the minimum recommendations going forward:

    - all drivers and instructors must self-certify that they have no known COVID symptoms, fever, or cough.
    - all drivers and instructors must wear face coverings at all times when in the presence of the other, including when wearing a helmet. Chin Track Days will be able to provide masks to novice drivers and instructors who do not have their own. All other drivers (not novice, or instructors) MUST provide their own mask.
    - all drivers and instructors must wash hands frequently: before getting in the car, and after exiting the car.
    - The driver should sanitize the cockpit interior. Special attention to contact surfaces: center console, dashboard, door panel armrest
    - The instructor should not make personal contact with the driver, touching arms or touching the wheel.
    - The instructor must be diligent about monitoring intercom headset usage. No sharing of headsets.
    - The post-session de-brief must occur outside the car with social distancing.

    The final choice for what is safe and suitable is solely that of the driver and instructor. Chin Track Days, or the track owner/operator, or government mandates, cannot guarantee your health and safety.
    It's up to you.
    Frankly, we think that's a good thing.
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    Drive Well, The management