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  • Chin Track Days COVID-safe event :

    Our 'stay-at-home' time has been occupied with creating new standards and practices for mitigating virus transmission at outdoor track events. There's a long list; here's a few highlights:
    • A new eWaiver procedure eliminates the manual signing of hard-copy waiver pages. Registered Drivers will be able to sign waivers online in advance.
    • Our driver's meeting will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel. Live from the paddock, at the usual time. Drivers will no longer gather as a group in one place at one time.
    • All participants and guests are REQUIRED to wear a face covering/mask at all times when in the presence of others in the paddock.
    • Drivers and guests will be expected to practice appropriate social distancing at all times.
    • No group gatherings larger than 9ppl in the paddock.
    • Chin staff will wear masks at all times and maintain social distancing.
    • Our classroom presentations will be either live-streamed so that novice drivers can view on personal devices, or in a setting that allows attendees appropriate social separation.
    • Streamlined car tech line: drivers to place tech form under wiper on windshield, and STAY IN CAR, with window raised.
    • Chin trailer (event control) entry will be restricted to staff only. DO NOT ENTER the Chin trailer.
    • All guests or crew members will need to be on the gate list to enter the paddock. Gate lists are event specific and the link can be found on the event details page of your event. The list is closed at noon the day before the event. Our private track events are not open to general public spectators.
    • Despite our great affection for all enthusiasts, handshakes, high-fives, Bro-hugs will be prohibited!
    What about in-car instructing? Click for more:

    Passenger/guest policies:

    Our events are private. General pubic spectators are not allowed: New COVID-prevention guidelines limit attendance to registered participants and their invited guests. Guests may include family, friends, and support crew and vendors. Guests must be named on official gate guest list. Visitors not named on the list will be denied entry, unless being escorted by a registered participant. Uninvited general public will not be admitted. FACE MASKS REQUIRED.
    • See Event Details webpage for event-specific guest list sign-in. Look at 'Essential Information'.
    • Once inside the track, a guest must register to be a passenger. Separate online waiver sign-in necessary.
    • $20 fee. Passenger wristband required.
    • Passengers may ride along with solo-qualified drivers. Driver and passenger must use face coverings inside the helmet (like a balaclava).
    • Helmet rental is available, $20 fee. Rental helmets may not be shared. Rental helmets may be used by only one driver each day.
    • Hand-held objects are NOT PERMITTED inside track cars. Your hands must be empty.
    • Visitors/Guests/Passengers MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING. Med mask, bandanna, scarf COVER YOUR FACE!
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    Drive Well, The management