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Waiting list: How does it work?

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  • Waiting list: How does it work?

    The Chin Track Days format always has an enrollment limit for all run groups. Our advanced driver coaching is modeled on 1:1 student/instructor ratio. So, the novice group, for entry-level drivers, always has the lowest enrollment, and always sells-out at every event. Once a run-group limit is reached, we start an active waiting list. We compile waiting list requests chronologically on email. When new openings become available, we then offer the next opening to the driver at the top of the email queue. Thus, the only way a driver can get on the waiting list for a new opening is to send an email. Do not waste time with phone calls, text messages, or social media posting: none of that is valid for waiting list. Our waiting list WORKS: annually, hundreds of drivers get into events from the waiting list. Every event that sells-out will have drivers added later. Do not hesitate to send your request. No fees, no obligation, no membership necessary. Just send us an email, and we'll contact you promptly as soon as a new opening is available.
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