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How do I get my Hurricane credit?

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  • How do I get my Hurricane credit?

    We faced an extraordinary coincidence of severe weather/Hurricane conditions during summer of '17, forcing cancellation of events at COTA on August 26-27 (HARVEY), and then Sebring, Sept 15th (IRMA). Drivers registered for those track events all retain a 100% full-value credit, with no expiration, to apply to any future Chin Track Days event. If you are one of those drivers, here's how to get your future credit:
    • For the future event of your choice, login and follow the normal registration path to complete your entry.
    • When you reach the final screen, click the button for "Instructors Only". This will save your entry. It is not necessary for you to make payment.
    • Please send an email to our staff to request your credit applied to the unpaid entry. We'll handle it from there.
    What is the value of your credit? Any member can login on their account and see. On the 'my account' menu, see "view my registration history". Click on the past event that got cancelled, and see your amount paid.

    Thanks to all drivers for your patience with these unfortunate "act-of-God" events that prevented the scheduled track event from occurring.
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    Drive Well, The management

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    ***UPDATE*** 12/20/2019

    At this time all remaining hurricane credits have been posted to drivers accounts. You no longer need to email the event manager or click the "Instructors Only" button. Simply login to your account register. The credit will be automatically applied.

    You can see how much credit is on your account by logging in to your Chin account.

    See you at the track.
    Drive Well, The management